Calculation Software

Autodesk Simulation Multiphysics (previously Algor)

For this elaborate finite element package, we have the most comprehensive license. The most common computing capabilities of this package are:

  • Linear calculations
  • Stability Calculations (Eurler)
  • Own Frequency Calculations
  • Non-linear calculation incl. material yield
  • Contact between two bodies e.g. pin-hole connections
  • Thermal flux and thermal stress calculations
  • CFD (fluid flow calculations)

CAESARII van Intergraph

With CAESARII pipe stress calculations can be made to determine any layout-of-movement of a piping system. For Small diameter / length ratio's the stresses are automatically verified according to:

  • ASME B31.1 or B31.3
  • BS 806
  • EN 13480

The geometry may be imported directly from AutoCAD Plant 3D.

Robot Structural Analysis

Robot Structural Analysis Autodesk is a finite element package especially focussed on 3D-framework structures. The package automatically checks the steel sections in accordance with the requirements of NEN 6770/1, AISC and Eurocode 3. There is a direct compatibility with AutoCAD Structural Detailing.


For the verification of simple steel beams and trusses, we use Technosoft. With this program connection details are also verified.


PV Elite is used for verification of pressure vessels and tanks in accordance with the requirements of ASME VIII Div.1/2, PD 5500 and EN 13445. The package uses the traditional formula approaches. For non-standard shapes an FEA model is created with Autodesk Simulation.

Codex (previously Scades)

Codex is also used for the verification of pressure vessels and tanks. However, this package verifies according to the Dutch Rules for unfired pressure vessels (RToD) of Stoomwezen and EN 13445.

Visual Vessel Design

Visual Vessel Design by Ohmtech is used by Stemar for the design of pressure vessels in accordance with German ADM2000 (AD-Merkblatter). There is also an ASME VIII module available to Stemar.

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