Design Verification

Stemar Engineering execute design calculations for a wide range of industrial and offshore structures. Our reports are used in technical construction files or sent to notified bodies (NoBo's) for verification. We make design calculations for our own as well as for third party designs.

The main purposes of our calculation are :

  • Safe construction
  • Managing risks
  • Prevention of unexpected failure
  • Optimization of materials

Our stress calculation are in accordance with the most recent codes and standards and we use the latest software.

Green field

In many cases, the strength calculations, are the basis for the "sizing" of new constructions. In an early design stage the required dimensions are determined in order to guarantee a safe and functional construction throughout its lifetime.


Stemar Engineering are also invited frequently to assess the current state of existing installations. For all normative parts of the structure the minimum requirements are formulated. The reports of Stemar Engineering form the basis for the Risk Based Inspection Plans.


Repeated failure of certain components in a system may cause major expenses. With advanced engineering calculations Stemar analyze the situation and make an improvement proposal.

Sustaining Results Through Engineering