Concept design and feasibility studies

Stemar Engineering will shape your ideas into a 2D or 3D design. Before the first Concept Design or FEED-study is made all the functional requirements and constraints are defined in a specification. The following issues are important for the Concept Design phase:

  1. Function of the construction in process
  2. Location of the structure
  3. Use of material related to temperature, corrosion and environmental
  4. Determining the load spectra
  5. Desired lifetime

Based on the specification we will make one or more proposals and consult with you in a time. Through 3D visualization we will clarify the possible designs and identify possible obstacles. This allows you to provide your client with insight of the final product in the early stages of the project. In this stage simplified structural calculations are executed in order to verify the technical viability. For this concept stage we usually charge our hourly rates through regular time sheets as fixed prices or estimates prove to be difficult in practice.

We can also perform feasibility studies for renovation projects. Our focus is on the technical feasibility.

Basic Engineering

After the design concept is finalized and approved, the Basic Engineering is made. In this phase, all structural parts are dimensioned. This means that the sizes of the steel sections and wall thicknesses are determined. We analyse (dis-)assembly, transport and lifting to produce efficient assembly and short. At this stage, if required, the strength calculations are ecxecuted and reported.

Based on this engineering package construction companies can provide their quotation for the supply of the construction. In this phase the work is prepared by the supplier, who might give feedback about the compatibility between our design and their capabilities. The drawing package neither contains connection details nor material take-off lists yet.


Detail Engineering

Upon request of construction firms Stemar Engineering provide Detail Engineering , which includes work shop drawings, MTO's, sheet development drawings and cutting drawings. Often this phase includes the development of hoistingequipement and/or plans for mounting the structure.

After the structure is mounted and commissioned then the drawing package may be executed "As Built".


Sustaining Results Through Engineering