Wind turbine tower

Design specifications

Client :                                       Wind Energy Solutions bv
Object :                                      Wind turbine WES30/30m
Height :                                      30 m
Power :                                      250 kW

Problem definition

The WES30 wind turbine is already available with two tower lengths, but an extra length variant of 30 metres was requested by a client. Additional design conditions were improved transport efficiency and corformity with safety code EN-50308.

Contribution of Stemar Engineering

A new 30 m tower was designed based on currently available lengths of 39 and 50 metres. Stemar Engineering have also included the stress calculations for the tower structure during operating and survival conditions.


The tower was designed in such a way that enables nested transportation. By completing the entire engineering package these modifications may also be pllied to the existing 39 m and 50 m towers.  

Sustaining Results Through Engineering