Lead window pane exchange machine

Design specifications

Client :
Lead window pane exchange machine
A lead window pane exchange on a safe and efficient way
NRG Petten

Problem definition

To renovate a radioactive cell, it is necessary to exchange different lead window panes. The lead window panes have a weight up to 850 kg each. Because the machine will be used in a radioactive cell special requirements are applicable to the machine. The machine must be easily cleansable after use.

Contribution of Stemar Engineering

The engineering of a machine to be able to disassemble the lead window panes from the window frames, the machine must also be able to be used to install new lead window panes. The machine will be operated by tow operators.


A machine that consists of a cart, a cassette and sliding frame. The cassette can be moved in all directions. The window pane is pulled into the cassette by means of suction cups. When the window is in the cassette, it can be hoisted with the crane. The new window pane is ready to be installed. A mockup has been made for the client to ensure the procedure.

Sustaining Results Through Engineering