Stabilizer Pad

Design specifications

Client :
Object :
Design Load :

Peterson SBS Den Helder
Stabilizer pad of quay side
70 ton

Problem definition

Due to the small area of the standard stabilizer pad, the pressure on concrete is very high. This might result in damages of concrete on the quay side.

Contribution Stemar Engineering

Design parameter of the client was to reduce the load on the conrete to allowable load given by the harbor autority.

The loadpressure on the stabilizers was analysed for the specific crane type. The design of the new pad plate used this force and was used in a stress calculation to determine stresses and fatique of the material.

The challege was to keep the height as low as possible, but to get sufficient stiffness in the pad. Also fork lift pockets had to be integrated.


With this design we were able to spread the load to the edge of the stabilzer pad. The total load to concrete pavement was reduced to allowable.

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