OAS Clamp

Design specifications

Client :
Object :
Vertical load :
Horizontal load :
OAS Clamp for the L10-L en K12-D
102 kN (10t)
78 kN (8t)

Problem definition

For the connection between the OAS (Offshore Access System) system and an offshore platform a clamp with docking pin is required. After hooking up people can walk from the boat to the platform.

Contribution Stemar Engineering

Design of the OAS Clamp, which is lighter and easier to mount. Of course stress calculations for the hooking up and wave loading. Finite Elemant Modeling was used for the clamp and steel structure calculations for the structure and stairs.


A safe Clamp which is also lighter than previous ones. Also the engineering of stairs and platforms was incorporate in the designs. As a result of Stemar Engineering's contribution they have engineered all landing stations for Offshore Solutions. Offshore Solutions was acquired by Ampelmann in 2013.

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