Nut Shell Filter Package

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Parker Twin Filter
Pressure Maintenance Project
Nut Shell Filter Package
700.000 BWPD
ISO 14692


Parker Twin Filter was awarded the delivery of two Nut Shell Filter packages to a middle eastern oil company. These Nut Shell filter are amongst the largest worldwide and will be used to filter produced (effluent) water, to be used for water injection for the production of natural gas. The process engineering was subcontracted to another engineering company, but Twin Filter was looking for a single partner for all mechanical, piping, vessel and structural engineering as well as general project engineering and document control.


Contribution Stemar Engineering

Besides providing all necessary services Stemar Engineering succeeded in designing a package with a stacked vessel layout. The original design comprised four vessels in line, but due to a limited available footprint and an extra filter vessel the layout was modified to a stacked design.

Also the piping had to be executed in RTRP material, which gave several challenges with supporting the structure and maintaining sufficient flexibilty for thermal expansion.


An entire engineering package approved by client and client engineer and the project has been succesfully executed.


Sustaining Results Through Engineering