Umbilical Installation

Design specifications

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Blue Offshore Projects bv
Construction parts for umbilical installation and step plan
Inventor and Autocad 2D and 3D

Problem definition

Cables must be laid from a ship (the 'Simon Stevin') to the seabed, to connect a manifold. For this installation the stern of the Simon Stevin must be equipped with all the necessary equipment, such as: cable reels, a cable tensioner, a guide chute and some cable guides. Some of these parts were on rental for the client. Guide chute had to be designed for this specific cable and ship.

Contribution Stemar Engineering

The whole stern has been set up by Stemar Engineering , with different settings like transport and operation. Stemar also made a visualisation of the complete working procedure, during operation. Besides that, the cable guide, guide chute, weight block and the base construction of the cable reels were designed, incl. stress calculations.


An universal and modular built up cable guide, a guide chute with a radius of 9 meters that can mounted on top of the stern, a weight block for fixing the cable on the seabed and a base construction for the cable reel on which the drive can be mounted.


Sustaining Results Through Engineering