Design specifications

Client :





Cofferdam Bonga SPM Nigeria

Safe working environment under water

100 ton

Problem definition

FUGRO has taken on the job of repairing a damaged buoy off the coast of Nigeria. The buoy has had a collision with a tanker and damaged the hull and skirt. Moving the buoy away and placing it in a dry dock was not an option.



Contribution Stemar Engineering

Stemar has engineered a cofferdam. The cofferdam has been fully calculated in ANSYS and complies with applicable standards. A rubber gasket provides a watertight connection that allows the repair job to be carried out safely.




A cofferdam that is hoisted in several parts. For example, a receiver frame is first placed on the buoy to which the cofferdam can be attached. The entire cofferdam can be set by means of hydraulic cylinders. To ensure that the seals do their job they have been tested beforehand. 




Sustaining Results Through Engineering