Installation of Closing Spools for Cecon

Design specifications

Direct Client :
Final Client :
Vessel :
Object :
Codes :
Bluestream Offshore, Den Helder
Cecon NL / Go Electra
Stril Explorer
Installation of 10" and 2" Closing Spools
Lloyd's CLAME and Noble Denton

Problem definition

Bluestream Offshore was awarded the installation of several closing spools for Cecon Go Electra project. They had the Stril Explorer supply vessel at their disposal with limited deck space. Challenges for Bluestream were swift mobilisation with limited deck space and limited to and fro trips.

Contribution of Stemar Engineering

Stemar Engineering was able to provide a working deck layout in limited time enabling mobilisation within three weeks allowing fabrication time for seafastening accessories. A creative solution was found for limited deckspace by stacking the spools (to be installed) on top of the containerized units safely.

All hoisting assemblies have been verified in accordance with Lloyd's CLAME rules.

In the installation phase metrology data was sent from the vessel to our engineers, who translated the data to shop drawings in instantly.


A succesful installation of all closing spools within a limit number of to and fro trips.

Sustaining Results Through Engineering