Cantilever bridge

Design specifications

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Las- en Constructiebedrijf Rein Joon B.V., Den Helder
Cantilever bridge for Subsea well inspectie for Total E&P
400 kN (40t) at 10 metres

Problem definition

For maintenance on subsea wells this cantilever bridge provides a safe working platform to build a riser and to tension it. The pretensioning straightens the riser so movements or vibrations are reduced. Combined with working area a total load of 40tons at 10meter had to be taken in account.

Contribution Stemar Engineering

We made the basic engineering including the stress calculations. After approval we continued with the shop drawings. Special in the project was the possibility to operated the platform in two positions.


By the use of the cantilever bridge ans platform the opertation could:

  • Wireline the well
  • Work with less cost due to rent of another vessel than traditional
  • This with same safety level   
Sustaining Results Through Engineering