A-Frame with Diving cage

Design specifications

Client :
Object :
MGW A-Frame :
MGW Diving Cage :
Codes :
Bluestream Group, Den Helder
A-Frame with Diving Cage
DNV 2.7-1 & EN 12079, IMCA D014,
D018, D023, DNV lifting appliances

Problem definition

In order to bring divers in a safe manner underwater the use of an A-Frame with diving cage is required. The divers stand in the cage, which is lowered by a winch.

Contribution of Stemar Engineering

Stemar made a proposal for the A-frame and the diving cage. After several meetings with the client and the users practical options were added. After this stage the complete shop drawings were made for contracting. The stress calculations were necessary for the inspection of the notified body. The A-frame and cage were judge for the man-riding usage.A-Frame (man-riding).


Since the first design 5 sets are built. In 2008 we raised the lift capacity to 3100kg.


Sustaining Results Through Engineering