Design and Verification for offshore

Offshore related companies use special technical equipment. Stemar Engineering design offshore tools based on client demands. The design start at the FEED stage and will result in a Basic and Detail Engineering package including all necessary verification calculations.

For tailormade design and verification we envite you to make an appointment with one of our projectmanagers.

Umbilical Installation

Cables must be laid from a ship (the 'Simon Stevin') to the seabed, to connect a manifold. For this installation the stern of the Simon Stevin must be equipped with all the necessary equipment, such as: cable reels, a cable tensioner, a guide chute and some cable guides. Some of these parts were on rental for the client. Guide chute had to be designed for this specific cable and ship.

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Installation of Closing Spools for Cecon

Bluestream Offshore was awarded the installation of several closing spools for Cecon Go Electra project. They had the Stril Explorer supply vessel at their disposal with limited deck space. Challenges for Bluestream were swift mobilisation with limited deck space and limited to and fro trips.

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