Press 3 DSF Corus IJmuiden

Design Specifications

Client : 
Object :
Design pressure :
Diameter :
Dolomietsteenfabriek Tata IJmuiden
Stone Press 3
230 barg
Ø 880 mm

Problem definition

The tread of the valve (M470) turned out to be leaking after 30 years of produciton. During the repair a crack was discoverd. In short notice a repartion principle had to be proposed. So the standstill period could be as short as possible.

Contribution of Stemar Engineering

In the first stage Stemar Engineering made a stress calculation with fatique incorporated.

After the crack was found we advised the Tata-project team with the possibilities for a durable repair. Because of the high amount of cycles and high pressure with large diameter, fatique and forces played an important role.


After the successful repair press 3 is back in production.


Sustaining Results Through Engineering