Ilva Taranto Tar Tank Blanketing system

Design specifications

Client :
Object :
Design pressure :
Thermal expansion :
Overall length :
Elevation :

Ilva Taranto Riva Cokeplant
Tar Tank BTX Emission Reduction
50 kPa
100 oC
100 m
15 m

Problem definition

The Ilva Taranto Cokeplant Tar Tanks needed a new enclosed BTX suction system in a brown field situation. The P&ID for the proposed solution was provided by the contractor and a design was required of all piping and support structures. The entire support structure needed to be fixed to existing concrete foundations

Contribution of Stemar Engineering

Site visit with a 3D laser scan executed by the engineers who also did the subsequent engineering work.


As this was a brown field situation our engineers went to the Italian site with the contractor and executed a 3D-laserscan in order to get all relevant as built dimensions of the plant. Next the P&ID was translated into a 3D design and after approval of client a basic engineering package was prepared for the piping and support structures. The package included pipe stress and structural steel calculation reports.


Sustaining Results Through Engineering