Hot Blast Stoves

Design specifications

Client :
Object :
Design pressure :
Diameter :
Height :

Danieli Corus IJmuiden
Hot Blast Stoves
3-5 barg
Ø 9-11 m
40-60 m

Problem definition

For steel manufactures around the world Danieli Corus supplies complete engineering packages of hot blast stoves. Stoves are big pressure vessels which heat up air for the blast furnace to temperatures of 1200 degree Celsius. The desighn of every stove is unique and depending on the proces parameters, circumstances and required code.

Contribution of Stemar Engineering

Stemar Engineering is capable of completing this package within 6 weeks. This includes the stress calculation by ASME VIII of PD 5500, with earthquakesloads, cycles, fatigue etc.


For more than 15 years we have succesfully done this engineering for Danieli Corus. Due to our loyal staff we can be a loyal supplier.

Sustaining Results Through Engineering