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Working for Stemar Engineering


The management of Stemar Engineering aims for a good balance between starting and experienced engineering. We always try to offer sufficient challenge, enjoyment and satisfaction in our work. We keep all our engineers' knowledge and skills up-to-date through training and specialist subscriptions. Annually our executives discuss their progress and give feedback. Obviously health and safety are one of our main concerns.


Starting engineers are trained on-the-job or externally. At the beginning of an engineer's carrier we think it is important that he/she studies a lot of structures done by experienced engineers. In this way the "engineer's feeling" will develop. Therefore a good start is making detail drawings in order to develop drawing skills and to be able to understand the engineering choices made. Engineering inventivness is developed with small scale structures.

Mechanical and Stress Engineers

At Stemar Engineering we are always looking for engineers for structural design and for stress engineers for the verification of our designs. Our experienced engineers get the opportunity to independently execute their own projects. Besides technical challenges they have to cope with budgets, planning and communication. Our projects are interestingly varying.

Stress Engineers may counts on the availability of the most modern tools for the execution of their job. This field of engineering is constantly progressing and permanent education is a must.

Sustaining Results Through Engineering