At the mobilisation of a service vessel all the needed equipment is placed on deck and seafastened. Because of the diversity of service vessel the mobilisation is different every time. Before a mobilisation starts a mobilisation plan is made. Stemar Engineering helps the client with the deck layout, design verification and other required documents. Stemar Engineering is capable of supplying the engineering in a short time span without compromising the safety.


  • Seafastening (diving) equipment on deck.
  • Seafasting spools on top of containers for transport.
  • Elevation frame for (diving) equipment.
  • Design verification which includes ship motions.


  • DNV 2.7-1, 2.7-2 and 2.7-3
  • EN12079
  • API RP 2A
  • DNV Lifting appliances
  • LR Lifting appliances
  • Noble Denton Rules
  • ABS Rules


Sustaining Results Through Engineering