Pressure Vessels and Piping

Pressure Vessels and piping are integrated parts of a process installation. Our designs are based on the P&ID flow scheme of the client.


We have experience with design and detailing of the following pressure vessels:

Application Dimension Capacity
Blast Furnaces installation 5000 m3 5 barg
Slurry Sandfilters 300 ltr 15k= 1000 barg
Medical separators 60 ltr 7 barg
Heaters / Heat Exchangers 6 m3 5 to 1000 barg
Receiver Vessels 13 m3 13 barg


For the design of pressure vessel with a high amount of cycles the welding details play an important role on the durability of the vessel. We always apply in the codes standard welding details and as advised by the stress engineer.


The codes we can apply :

Pressure Vessels

  • RToD (Stoomwezen)
  • PD 5500
  • ASME VIII Div.1, Div.2 and Div.3
  • EN 13445


  • BS 816
  • EN 13480
  • ASME B31.1 en B31.3

Besides the more traditional pressure vessel we also have the knowledge to calculate unconventional shapes. Like external reinforcements due to refractory. Also we can make thermal calculations for stress and expansion by the use of linear and non-linear finite element modelling.

Most of our design verifications are approved by independent notified bodies.

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