Experts in Design and Verification

Stemar is an expert in accurate design calculations and the design of various parts of industrial plants.

Pressure Vessels and Piping according to your specs

Proces plants are full of Pressure Vessels and Piping. We base our design and verification on the P&ID specified by our client. This way your technology is guaranteed and use of material optimized.

Machines and equipment

Machines and equipment for storage and processing of bulk material is designed by our mechanical engineers. Each machine is unique and design is not always standardized. We verify the strength and stifness for the desired design life and ultimate loadings. Safety of the users and no down time are our main objectives.

Expertise in Industrial Steel Structures

We design heavy support structures for industrial use. The main characteristics are big loads, quick mounting and sustainability.

Fitting all in offshore skids

Stemar regularly designs and verifies transportable units for offshore related companies, which require 3D fitting to optimise space and operatibility. The designs are fit in frames, baskets or skids.

Safety first for Hoisting Equipment

For hoisting equipment it is safety first, as consequences of failure may be catastrofic. Stemar Engineering guarantees a safe design of hoisting equipment which is upto the desired standards.


If you would like to enquire about our services for your project, please contact one of our project managers.

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